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It is said th
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education. It is said that once, Sima Guang��s brother found a green walnut. He wanted to use a stone to remove the outer skin of the green walnut Online Cigarettes. You can't get rid of it for a few times, just throw away the walnuts. The house was picked up with hot water, the skin was faded, and it was handed to Sima Guang. When the brother saw it, he asked Sima Guang walnut skin to get rid of it. Sima Guang replied that after he got rid of Sima Chi Newport Cigarettes, he said to Sima Guang, how can a child lie and lie, the most important thing is to be honest, if a person is not honest. People don't believe in you, they don't believe in people, they don't have prestige, and they can't do anything. This incident gave Sima Guang a very deep impression of the hour, and also adhered to the concept of honesty when he was old. A horse at home was ill, Sima Guang let the butler sell it, and told the housekeeper that it was a sick horse to tell the horse. The butler said that the horse looks morbid, so why bother to say it. Sima Guang said seriously, how much money a horse sells is small, it does not tell the truth to people, and the reputation of being a bad person is big. We must be honest, and if we don't tell the truth, the loss will be even greater. The housekeeper is very shy after listening! Therefore, the descendants evaluated Sima Guang, "not treasured gold stone, but with faithfulness as treasure." In the Song Dynasty, the literati class had the hobby of raising a donkey. Among the literati, Wang Anshi, Sima Guang, and Wu Junzhong Yuefei are alternatives, and there are very few people who have no shackles. Sima Guang is different from Wang Anshi and Yue Fei. Sima Guang��s wife, Zhang, is infertile for a lifetime. In the feudal era, "there is no filial piety, no post is big." Zhang is very anxious about this. She took Sima Guang to buy a beautiful woman in the bedroom, and Zhang took it out. After Sima Guang entered the house Cigarettes For Sale, it seemed that he did not see the beauty of the blossoms, and he went into the study. This beauty is bold, followed by entering the study, and pulled out a book to ask Sima Guang, "What is the book of Zhonggong, what is the book?" Sima Guang went far and answered, "Lieutenant is a book, not a book." The beauty watched Sima Guang so incomprehensible, and had to leave. Another time, Sima Guang went to the father-in-law's house. (It is said that his wife and mother-in-law are involved.) The mother-in-law makes a beautiful appearance. At night, Sima Guang is studying, and the graceful grace comes up. Sima Guang rebuked, "Mrs. is not here, you come to see me." I have to cry and go away. The family of the wife admired the five bodies. It is said that the phrase "the inferiority of the inferiority, the spoiled wife does not go down to the church", that is, he said to the father-in-law that Sima Guang was officially clean. He said: "The accumulation of gold to the sons and grandsons, the children and grandchildren may not be able to keep; the children of the books, the children and grandchildren may not be able to read; not as good as the yin and dynasty, the children and grandchildren must be subject to their reporters." It is said that his wife Zhang I have died of illness and no money to bury. He had to sell three hectares. Sima Guang was an official in his life, and he had no money to bury his wife. After the death of Sima Guang in the book, "the Jingshi people made their clothes and made a decision." This shows that people's recognition of him at that time, and secondly, from "wearing clothes to the foundation", we can also see one of the reasons for the failure of Wang Anshi's reform: after more than ten years of reform Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the power of the Great Song Empire has increased. The peasants did not receive much of the "dividends" of the reforms, and they were unanimously poor. More than a decade of reform efforts have completely reversed Sima Guang in less than a year. This also gave us a wake-up call from Sima Guangcheng's integrity, no memory, no money to bury his wife, etc., and then look at the corrupt officials who are currently exposed. One person is in the same way Marlboro Gold, his wife and children take bribes together, all have a group of lovers. . The move is to tens of millions of greed, even hundreds of millions. If Sima Guang knows the underground, I don��t know what to think. These so-called "public servants of the people" were not as good as officials in the feudal era. It��s more shocking and more thought-provoking.
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