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ome sigh. I still remembe
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الكاتب:  ylq [ السبت يوليو 27, 2019 5:00 am ]
عنوان المشاركة:  ome sigh. I still remembe

In the blink of an eye, another year of Dragon Boat Festival, with a palm fragrance. Another year of Dragon Boat Festival, I remembered the lively dragon boat race along the Xiangjiang River. Another year of Dragon Boat Festival, I remembered the salted duck eggs I had eaten with my family. Another year of the Dragon Boat Festival, yes, it has been a year since I left home. The first time the Dragon Boat Festival, not spent at home, can not help but some sigh. I still remember that year, my mother said that sooner or later, you will leave your hometown like your father. At that time, my silence now reminds me of the Dragon Boat Festival at that time, the Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown, like a dream, in my memory for a long time. In the early morning, people with the mourning of the ancestors, the family will present their first bowl of rice to the altar, a few notes, burn a few sheets of money, and then the adults first under the altar I bowed three times. Finally, under the call of the adults, the children also ran back from the outside Wholesale Cigarettes, vying for worship. Because whoever bows first, whoever can take the most favorable position on the table can eat his favorite dishes. Yes, for us at that time, we can have a favorite dish, and this festival has been happy for a long time.
On the dining table, the salted duck eggs were cut in half by the elders and placed neatly on the plate Carton Of Cigarettes. The orange-red egg yolk is like the sun in the sky, surrounded by attractive oils, and the scent follows the oily light at the junction of the protein. Then we only waited for Grandpa to open the meal, and we can immediately kill them and throw them into the eggshell. Recently, I have eaten a few salted duck eggs outside, but I have never eaten the yellow and big salted duck eggs like that at that time. I have never eaten the same happy meals. However, I have never felt sorry. At least once, I have had such a happy day. Happiness, this is like the wind. When we don��t know it, we gently lick our faces, let us forget the troubles and sorrows for a while; then, when we wake up, we will cherish more, now we have happiness, Good memories of the past. After the meal, we took a bunch of scorpions that were used as snacks and hurriedly set foot on the road to the dragon boat race Cigarettes For Sale. In order to watch the dragon boat race, everyone will start as early as possible, because the town people love to watch the dragon boat race. If you don't start early, you can only look at the dragon boat across the mountains. Although we have self-knowledge, the home is a bit far from the match point, but we still have to get there early than those who are farther away from the match point. Although it is so far away, but the distance can not cover our inner expectations for the dragon boat race. As we walked and talked about the taste of the scorpion Online Cigarettes, we talked about the past achievements of each team, not tired at all. When we are doing what we want to do and what we like to do, no matter how stressful or hard, we will smile and face it. However, when we do things we don't like to do, no matter how easy things are and how good the conditions are, we will complain and sigh. If we can do anything with a positive attitude, then our life will be more happy, and we will have more smiles on our faces. And this positive will also infect the people around us, so that they will slowly become active, life will be happy, and the dragon boat race will pass, and the mind is stupid. The cries of the crowd, the drums on the dragon boat have not been scattered in my mind. Until now, I still play back in my mind from time to time. When I was at home, my father used to call my mother almost every day. I think, what makes my father still work outside in the case of missing his hometown? Life that has been outside for decades will create multiple homesickness? On the Dragon Boat Festival, my father called me and asked if I had called home. I said that I had played in the evening before the festival, but I only sent him a blessing message Parliament Cigarettes, and I was somewhat guilty.
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