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an under the Sanlijiang
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الكاتب:  ylq [ السبت أغسطس 10, 2019 10:29 am ]
عنوان المشاركة:  an under the Sanlijiang

18:08, it is night, it has already entered the black. I took a few side dishes bought from the vegetable market and dragged on the way home. When passing through the corner of the hair salon opposite the Hunan restaurant with a shining neon, I saw a heart-warming scene: an old man with a ragged, barefooted head and a hair that was more chaotic than the chicken coop. I couldn't hold it down and stumbled around some trash cans looking for his dinner. His face was buried in the hair, I could not see his face, and even more concerned about the expression on his face. I saw his hands and feet and used the ground to pull the wreckage in front of his eyes, and his cover was left cold. Turned to the can eat, just put it on the cover and carefully hide it, for fear that someone will grab him like it, maybe it is his tonight to send some boring baby. It seems that it is still early today, people have not finished eating, and the old man can find not much to eat from the scattered garbage. So he rolled up the sleeves that were not the sleeves of the sleeves, took a step and lifted the entire trash can, and then the whole person was stuck in the grain he thought, and continued to search for his favorite delicious path by his side. When my footsteps were filled with lead, it became very heavy. Dragging his heavy footsteps and looking at him back and forth, I want to see if he can still find food. At that moment, I even wanted to give him the dishes I had. Just a Land Rover TDV8 3.6 symbolizing identity stopped in front of me, and the trumpet screamed torn a misty sky. A handsome man dressed in a noble suit, wearing a watch, but a handsome man with a clear eyebrows, a good "careful" pulled my thoughts back from the old man's body, waiting to slow down, the back was shocked by a cold sweat, almost Just lost the little life, and still mind the management of others! Somehow, when I got home and cooked, I still remembered the old man. I think, if there is a choice, he will not be willing to fall to this! Perhaps there are many moving stories buried in his undressed clothes. It's like a fool in a village committee near the company's location. I have seen the fool several times when I didn't go to work at the new factory. He always squinted, one eye squinted, and the other eye always turned over, and the occasionally drooling, sloppy mouth completely destroyed his original handsome face. I learned from other people: He was a master's degree, a village committee cadre. A burnt burnt his brain and burned his life! From then on, he became a foolish look at seeing people. After knowing his story, I used to see him and I was far away from it. I have never been afraid of him since then. Even when he smiles at me, I will smirk at him. However, he did not know my smile anyway. What was hidden was the sympathy for his encounter and the impermanence of the world. The night was dark and there was no scenery to admire. Through the window sill, the falling into the pupil is a star-shaped light that can be circled in the distance Newport 100S. This reminds me of the high school era, through the window sill to see the madman living under the bridge of Sanlijiang. At that time, the school was very heavy Marlboro Gold, and there was nothing to think about. Just at the moment when my head is really exploding, I always like to sit quietly at the window, pretending to study very seriously, but actually observing the madman under the Sanlijiang Bridge pier very carefully. I still remember: He will "go home" at about 8 o'clock every night and then make a fire. As for whether the fire is for heating or for dinner, I don��t know, because it��s a bit far away, it��s not very careful. It is only very clear to remember that in the cold winter, a warm fire will be produced at about 8 o'clock every night in the bridge pier of Sanlijiang Parliament Cigarettes. At that time, I sometimes even envied him, just because he lived with a fire. And we, the so-called normal people, have to bite their teeth in the cold classrooms everywhere in order to study. The madman certainly didn't know. He often became the object of our classmates' discussion and discussion. A cool breeze sneaked into the room. I quickly shook my neck and smashed the goose bumps on my arms. He, he, he, lack of goodness, is only a microcosm of a social group. In contrast, we are so happy! Don't complain that our work is not good, the family is not happy, life is not good! If you are healthy, it is wealth; if you are well, it is sunny; if you are content, you are happy!
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